14 July 2021

If you like short hikes with a moderate climb, this is a great trail.

Finding the Trail Head

We were north bound on Missouri 63 from Columbia, looking for Pinnacle Road. The turn for the road was marked on the state route. Parking lot is easy to find. This is a youth site with nice shelters. A local scout troop could run a fine summmer camp here.


Based on the map at the trail head we decided we wanted to go through the youth area towards the creek. We did not find a good place to cross the creek without wading. I did find a trail that was well used heading upstream so I decided to go with herd. Paid off when I found the sign for Old Dam Crossing that was an easy crossing with trekking poles.

We originally found out about this park via Atlas Obscura. All Trails has a comment that suggests that if you walk out of the parking lot and turn right and cross the bridge, the trail is about twenty yards beyond the bridge on the right. This would probably be the better approach after a rain.

We approached using the documented trail beginning at the gate in the parking lot. gate in the parking lot

Follow the trail down the hill and to the right. You will see the sign to the crossing. sign to the crossing

Campsite area as you approach, sign on left. campsite area

I did not get any pictures of the crossing itself, between the stones and shallow spots it could do it in my boots. My wife removed her boots for the return and waded across. We arrived at about the same time.


The climb was not strenuous to me, my partner said differently. We made it to the highest pinnacle that we saw from below. The humidity made the creek crossing and climb sweaty and harder than it could have been in a better environment.

On the way up to the top I met a new friend. This snail was trying to summit the rock. snail

After over thirty years of hiking with my partner I have found that bringing water makes the difference between a hike and an argument. I brought hiking poles and water this time. She does not have my vertigo so she hangs over cliffs.


I became valuable again on the decent. I have had some really bad descents from climbs in the past so I go first. Remembering my choices on the ascent helped here. If you need to remember the best path you found on the way up your phone has an excellent memory.