20 December 2016

Why bother using the HTTPS protocol for your website? It does require extra setup in your web server, and you need to obtain a signed certificate which until the past year has been a hassle. I’m not especially concerned that anyone will try to read my content, I’m thrilled when they do. I am interested in ensuring that What you see is actually the content I intended, without any changes being made on its way to you.

Eventually as I add services and APIs to the site, I want to protect these with SSL encryption. When I looked at the tutorial for Let’s Encrypt on Nginx I decided that it really was easy. The Let’s Encrypt scripts provide automatic renewal every 90 days so you don’t have the expired certificate issues that you would normally run into with other providers. And the best part is that the signed certificate is free.

That being said, I went to the Let’s Encrypt and hit the donate button. This is one community that I really am proud to support.