04 September 2019

I started a new engagement last week. Our client has several EC2 instances that are configured as pets. I have been automating these sorts of environments for around a decade now. This one is a little different, it is a Microsoft Windows based stack. I would normally run (not walk) from an environment such as this, but one of the partners said that Microsoft has made some significant progress on the server side in the last decade.

Met with the client last week. I knew they spent a fair amount of time on-boarding new clients. Mostly due to human bandwidth issues. We walked through the process and determined that most of the steps could be automated using Windows PowerShell scripting. I had studied up the week prior so I would not appear to be a complete idiot, and was already impressed with the level of integration that PowerShell has in the Microsoft space.

All of the steps taken to bring a new client into our partner’s infrastructure can be automated. We can free the system administrators from setting up new business and script it so the support engineers can submit a simple command to configure several web servers with the latest version of the software. Next week we can automate the database configuration tasks so on-boarding can happen in a few minutes as opposed to days.

I am looking forward to providing assistance in segmenting logic into self-contained services that can scale in the AWS infrastructure. This is what I have spent my career working towards, providing solutions that continue to provide value long after my engagement has ended.