29 March 2020

Woke up with a hangover, enjoyed the day anyway.

Slow Sunday

I was drinking rose last night, watching the storms go by. I enjoy wine, it usually makes me feel worn out the next day. Last night I kept to three glasses but also had a margarita. On top of three beers while grilling steaks, I was pretty beat when I woke up today. I also wanted to make breakfast, but looked at the clock and decided that 11:00 means that I should call it brunch.

I was making eggs, hash browns, and bacon. Mindy finished her treadmill walk and headed out to Sam’s Club before I was done. I know she needs some time to herself and there really is not a good reason for both of us to risk infection for a run for provisions. I did have some time to share with my daughter and son. Meals have become more important to me. I do not mind cooking and cleaning for the family.

Getting Outside

I did a load of towels this afternoon. The sunshine and strong wind looked like a good way to dry them quickly outside. I have a broad swath of yard that is consistently wet. It extends into the laundry line area. This is also where I have four crawdad towers. Nothing like tripping on these towers when hanging laundry

I decided that some hiking therapy would be a good idea today. My plan was to walk the Shaker Trace trail. It was 72 degrees at 15:30. There were plenty of people on the trail today. I decided to turn around at Oxford road, my shoes were causing pain, and there were too many people out. Cut it short and went to the grocery to get some fresh produce.

Looking Forward

Last week we talked about what we are looking forward to doing when we can be social again. I missed beer pubs, but what I really miss is spending time with our friends. I would love to cook for everyone again. I miss going to see the others too. Our neighbors had some of their friends over for a cook out and a fire yesterday. They are nurses and law enforcement, so yea, they are going to get it. And yet they still get together with their kids. I totally get that.