01 April 2020

Hit the bench today, back to GCP training.

What to do today?

Came down to my office this morning with no client work to do. Decided to get back to my Google Cloud Platform training. I do not know how soon it will before I need to get moving on an internal project or need to help another client, no sense in wasting good training time. I figure I can split my time between GCP and improving my Javascript skills.

Linux Academy is my favorite for cloud training. The labs are well structured and the study guides are helpful. I get the one year plan with my training budget, there is always something I want to learn each month. Udemy has been good for learning front-end development. I just purchase the training I need as I go here.

After Work

I pulled a muscle in my chest somehow today. It hurts to breath on the left side. Had some leftovers for supper and stretched out for a little bit. I woke up two hours later. Still hurts, just not as much. Missed my evening walk. Will have to see if I can get more exercise tomorrow.

I did hit the treadmill while I watched some television. That loosened my chest a bit. Enough to collect trash and carry it out to the curb. Hoping that I get back to the elliptical tomorrow.