26 March 2020

I woke to a lovely sunny day. Chilly this morning, made it to the porch office by lunch.

Terrific Morning

I woke up to a sunny morning. I was trying to decide if I wanted to call off and hit a trail for the day. I decided against it, I still have some documentation to complete. I also figured that the trails would be in use today. I would rather stay away from everyone as much as possible still. I skipped the news this morning, pandemic news really doesn’t make my day any better.

Had yogurt and granola for breakfast. That seems to be my go-to breakfast when I just want to get going. I have moved my daily indoor exercise to lunch. I stay up past 23:00 and sleep is critical to my well being. I know that I will have to switch back when we return to a neo-liberal society. For now I am content to do my part and then work in the yard.

Extracurricular Activity

We had a virtual happy hour tonight. Costumes optional. I had my pandemic outfit all set, then HR decided to celebrate Opening Day too. I had to add a Cincinnati Reds ball cap to my plague ensemble. That shit got real hot fast. We did the group photo, Ring Central Brady Bunch style and I ditched the costume. It was nice to just chat with everyone. I think we need a big cookout once this pandemic is over.

How the Family is Getting Along

I typically do the yard work. My family is what you would call indoor enthusiasts. This afternoon my wife got the lawn tractor out of the barn and tried to turn it over. When it almost started I fueled it. I figured one mowing would be fine, may make it easier to change the oil this weekend. We would all rather be doing something outside at this point. Even the boys helped, with just enough complaining to make it seem as though they did not want to do it.