18 April 2020

I love standing under the apple trees under full blossom. The bees buzzing and I know we will have treats in the fall.

Apple Trees in Blossom

I look forward to the daffadils and crochus blooming in March after the snow drops in February. My heart lifts when the apple trees begin to bloom in April. The blossoms started to open last weekend. Mindy cut some to brighten the kitchen then. I walked out today and stood beneath the trees and heard the bees. The oldest tree by the driveway was pulsing.

Driveway Apple Tree

The one in the middle of the yard smells even better. Sounds like the bees think so too. I am thrilled to hear all of the bees this year. It is starting to sound like what I remember from my childhood. I have been missing the sound and sight of hundreds of honey bees in the trees above.

Red Apple Tree

Bluebirds Are Frequenting the Garden

I have been watching several bluebirds flying around the back yard. They seem to lite on the garden fence quite a bit. I remebered that Meredith had built a bird house in pre-school. I found it in the barn and hung it up on the fence post. We even found the apron that she was given when they built the bird house. Mindy found the picture of Meredith and I on the back porch, painting it white. The bottom says 2003, those years went by fast.

Painting the bird house.

Same girl, seventeen years later.

Making a home for some bluebirds.