06 April 2020

Need to Code Some Days

I decided to play with some Spring Boot stuff today. The GCP stuff will still be there tomorrow. I have not really written any code lately, and I really need to spend some time on the new Java features. The past six months were C# and my Spring ecosystem skills feel rusty.

OAuth using selfauth

There is an OAuth 2.0 extension for using your own website to authenticate on other systems that support this method. This seems natural to me, but man are there a lot of details to address. I am working on a simple Spring starter to allow me use selfauth in various projects that I have been planning to start, and now have the time to devote. I have not found a good Java implementation so I am rolling my own based on some PHP examples that I found.

After Work

I spent some quality time in the garden tonight. I have to dig up clumps of grass every spring. I do not enjoy this, swinging a mattox all evening makes me wonder if gardening is really for me. I suppose I could spend more time during the growing season pulling grass that creeps into the garden. That would be quite a bit of time. This toil does get my body used to working outside again.

When I finished in the garden the next door kids brought two rabbits over to show me. They said they are raising them as pets, not for dinner. They are cute now as bunnies, but the kids have already learned that they bite and have some serious claws. Their dog doesn’t seem to be interested in the bunnies. It will be fun to watch this mature.

Scoot and Meredith wanted a campfire again. I know it is Monday but I did not have a good reason to prevent them from building one. Life can keep going at a much slower pace now. Shelter in place has actually been a positive thing in my life. Billable hours are harder to find, but I can also be useful to the younger folks too. Tonight I taught my daughter how to use a bow saw correctly. I have neglected a lot over their childhood.