08 April 2020

Blending GCP training with figuring out OAuth makes my day fly by.

Online Training

I really like online training, instead of just reading a text book or worse, going to an in person class. I see the problems that the kids are having with staying focused on their work. After about four hours of videos and labs, I really do not remember much.

User Authentication and Authorization

What seems to work for me is to switch between the training time and working on something that also interests me. My previous project need a authentication and authorization feature, we looked at Okta and some other OAuth providers but settled on AWS Cognito. We knew we did not want to roll our own, that is how you end up in the news.

I wanted to really learn how this works at the time but there were more solutions to investigate so I had to let it go. Now I have time to do a deep dive and really understand this stuff. I wanted to add an IndieAuth authentication to by personal site for a new side project and it snowballed.