13 April 2020

Decided to give OpenID some more attention today. Specifically using Spring Boot Starter.

OpenID with IndieAuth

I started working on a test program to log into a Spring Boot application with IndieAuth.com as the authentication provider. I was about to build a home page with ThymeLeaf, started looking at the syntax and thought that I could probably just use a simple HTML file for what I wanted to do. That made me rethink adding Bootstrap to the mix too. Off on a side errand.

Home Page with HTML and JavaScript

I should be able to do this without a framework of any kind. I need a page with an edit control and a submit button. Maybe the reason I dislike front-end development now is that it adds so many steps to creating a web page. So now I have created a simple page that has a single action to invoke. I do need a callback URI, so I have to read a little bit more. I am sure I can do it with the same page, the frameworks just provide that feature, now I have to write it.