21 April 2020

Spent a good portion of my morning trying to parse data out of an HTML formatted email.

You Can Do Better

Set it aside, now I have a source that includes text/plain and another enclosure in text/html. If you want your email to look pretty in Outlook, add an HTML formatted enclosure. Adding a CSV attachment is fine. Please do not add a Microsoft Office formatted file. While I have to work with a .Net Core environment running in Azure, sane developers use an open source stack. RegEx is broken in .Net, hell it even has a different syntax from the rest of the world. Even better, if you have an industry standard data format, use that.

Dynamic DNS

I have two domains, our family domain and my professional domain. Both were registered through Google Suite, using a registrar called eNom. They have been rock solid. I am having trouble using Google Domains to create a dynamic DNS entry. It looks like I have to run the DDNS software on my web server to keep everything working correctly. So tomorrow I will spend an evening trying to get this stuff working. I assumed Google purchasing eNom would provide me with all of the benefits of Google Domains. Five years later, they still have not merged their talents.

Why Is This Happening?

Tuesday night is my night to go to my parent’s place and do any chores that they need doing. I can usually get through the chores in under a half hour. In a normal year we would spend a couple of hours watching baseball. This is not a normal year. Dad is declining, he is about to turn 86, so I do not worry about that. He did not have an easy life, and I really admire how well he raised me. We talked about his investments, and how they are doing, and why we have to have a long-term outlook. Long term to him is one or two years, I have to consider his context.

Tonight he asked me why all of this is happening. That is a hard question from my point of view. I tried to explain why keeping the markets (capital markets, not grocers) open is important. The market is an electronic realm. It depends on actual people creating more value than they consume. A core value is getting basic goods to every person that needs to cook, clean and spend their day. I explained that the current estimate is ten trillion dollars in economic loss if a second wave of the pandemic occurs. That is half of the country’s GDP.

Mom and dad want to go out to eat five out of seven days. I have been sending Sunday dinner over. I suspect I need to carve time out each day to send dinner to them. I see them once a week anyway. I could also just have them over each day for dinner at 15:00. It would be a change at work, but change at work is pretty much a given now. Tomorrow night is planned for the family, but we can figure it out for Thursday.